IT is from VENUS/LOB is from MARS – Aligning IT and Business

Let’s face it.  The ultimate criteria of project success should be business value AND the relevance of each project to the stated future vision.  Most organizations The Genie deals with, function along the lines of IT is from Venus and Business is from Mars.  They have no common language for communicating or understanding each others needs, goals, reasons for timelines and success factors. Often times too, there are real personality difference that hamper communication (extrovert vs. analytical). That leads to frustration and ultimately a breakdown in effective communication to keep projects on scope and providing maximum return.

A not so radical idea for most organizations is to cross pollinate.  Put together a 2 person team of business analysts. One with a business background and one from IT together as your IT/Business liaison for projects.   Make sure these teams have a mix of experience and a deep curiosity on how the “other half” lives and don’t leave them their forever.  Rotate these teams and their members to help keep the BPM/SOA vision proliferation throughout your organization AND keeping input fresh.


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